BTU Studio


BTU was founded by Scott Benefield and Andrea Spencer in Randalstown, Northern Ireland in 2011 as the first independent glassblowing studio in Northern Ireland. In 2017 we made the move to Ballintoy, on the north Antrim coast, and installed our glassblowing facilities into the outbuildings of a farm property on the Lagavara Road.

Named after the acronym for a somewhat dated measure of energy (a British Thermal Unit is approximately the amount of energy needed to heat 1 pound of water 1〫F), the name evokes our location in the United Kingdom, our passion for working glass at elevated temperatures, and our commitment to approaching our work as a team.

BTU produces an annual line of handblown functional and decorative objects that are designed and made in our studio, and accepts a limited number of commissioned projects for architectural installations, lighting and limited edition vessels and objects.


Glassblowing in Ulster

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